«Design of the day» according to the «Six Points»

Poster for «Design Forum Sochi 2013» received the title of «Design of the day», according to the site «Six Points». This is the first in the Russian public rating of graphic designers, based on expert judgment of specialists.


Design Forum Sochi 2013

Developed a corporate identity for «The role of design in the construction of the society of the future». The forum's theme this year, «History of Russian design»...


News Block MTV: issue 13

To us came to visit News Block MTV and ask what you think about the initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation to replace the usual passport in the electronic version, and what kind of animal, and what he would design!? To give an answer to this question is very difficult. There is a successful international experience, but Russia has its own way. Rather, it will be another kitsch card, which will be a shame pokazyvt as about aesthetics and design, we forget completely and strictly guided by other criteria!


Asian-Pacific Design ¹8

«Asia-Pacific Design» (APD) collects the best works in the field of graphic design in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the eighth edition, which published the original and innovative design solutions for the year 2012...


Datebook «Hotel de Lettre»

The work on the unique design datebook dated to 2013 the original design for the Hotel de Lettre. Circulation of only 700 pieces. Buy at the best stores in Moscow :)